Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Recycle with KBK at Home: Recycle with KBK day 1

Recycle with KBK at Home: Recycle with KBK day 1

Recycling clothes (reuse) and other items is a great way to recycle.
I just recently found a site It is fantastic and
is another way to get rid of things I don't use. This site is all over the country and
is better than putting stuff out on the road with a free sign.

It is super learning about recycling where people work. Why does it take
so long to get recycling bins in the city???? Does anybody know this answer?


Mauidennis said...

I recycle paper, newspaper, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum, tin cans, and glass containers. We have weekly pickup curbside recycling makes it so easy! I have three bins but it is not necessary yo seperate the items; so recycling is easy.

I recycle because it's easy and helps to protect the enviroment.

Karen said...

Mauidennis what city do you live in?

Helen in Kentucky said...

I save up and give my scraps and discontinued fabric books to the Vacation Bible School at my church, they wanted my fabric tubes also as they made palm trees with them for the Serengeti Trek theme. Larger fabric left on rolls will eventually (when I can bear to let it go) to a Church Mission Thrift Shop in Kentucky.

Our County had a scandal regarding recycling a couple of years ago. The contracted waste pick-up service Co. offered the service -at extra charge- of picking up plastic and paper recyclables which were presorted in those plastic tubs by the citizens. Then they would promptly haul it off to our local landfill and dump it along with the regular garbage!! They had no outlet for the recyclables they were pretending to handle. That seems to be the issue in a lot of locales: no recycling "factory" near enough to make it a feasible proposition and crooked companies ready to make a buck anyway! Who is going to tail a garbage truck to see where it goes?

Keep up the good work!