Sunday, July 31, 2005

Recycle with KBK day 1

The main purpose of this blog is to find out just exactly who is recycling...

1 Recyclers are you out there?

2 We want to read about what you are doing.

3 How did you start recycling and why?

4 What do you recycle?

5 How do you organize your recycling?

6 Are you recycling at home as well as in your work place?

7 Is there recycling going on in your community and the businesses you frequent, where you shop, go to school even the doctor's office?

This is your opportunity to share currently what is happening with recycling, so others can follow your lead.



Anonymous said...

This is a great way to start........

We recycle in Missouri at a community recycling center in Kirwood Missouri

Anonymous said...

I recycle paper, newspaper, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum, tin cans, and glass containers. Portland's curbside recycling makes it so easy! But I still recycled all these things before I moved to Portland when I had to drive to the recycling center.

I recycle because it's easy. It lowers the amount of waste in landfills- and ensures that I'm never charged for extra garbage pick up. It's something simple I can do that makes me feel better about my wastestream.

I'm not sure that recycling is the greatest proces ever. I'm skeptical about it's wastestream. And I worry that because people can recycle containers they're less likely to reduce their consumption of individually packaged items. Or maybe the act of recycling calls awareness to packaging and its part in filling garbage bins...

Anonymous said...

Can you explain wastestream?

David C. said...

I recycle anything recylable, but my parents' house doesn't have very organized system. We keep bins in the garage and they just pile up until the recycling comes.

I think recycling does make a difference in the cleanliness of our environment, but only when it becomes a communal effort. Sometimes it may feel like you're only one person and it wont make a difference, but if everyone had that attitude, nothing would be accomplished.

I'm proud of the emphasis Oregon seems to place on recycling--the breakroom upstairs where I work has sorting bins for our recycling, and of course, a recycling center (it's a supermarket.)

Karen said...

David you are right. Sometimes it does feel like I am the only one, but when I see the bin full I know others are doing what I am doing "recycling". Then I know I am not the only one who cares.

Paul said...


Long time no see! Great to hear from you again. Hope all is well with you.

Texarkana is hit or miss with recycling. I recycle aluminum and metal at work, paper waste in the office is also recycled. At home, we do paper and cardboard, the rest I carry into the office.


Anonymous said...

I am here!

I started recycling because it's sensible, it's kinda fun (am I odd? good.) and there is a good, well organized recycling program here in seattle.

I recycle just about everything I can. Plastics, papers, metals, fibers and yard waste. Food waste we try to keep to a minimum, as we don't really have the space in our tiny in-city garden for a compost bin. We recycle clothes, too, though I know that wasn't the type of recycling you had in mind. Books, clothing, household items, appliances; anything we don't or can't use anymore goes to one of the local thrift charities. At the place where I work, there are battery-boxes, where employees can leave their used batteries, and they will be recharged or safely recycled. At work, I double-side everything I print, and the used paper all gets recycled. There is a very hefty awareness about reducing as well as reusing and recycling, and we try to keep down waste output, as well as recycling what's left over.

I see lots of recycling going on in our community. The main concern I've heard is that it is often difficult to find a recycling bin in some public places. We're working to fix this, but the city has to go through a lot of paperwork and planning before it can install recycling containers, as it has to renegotiate the contract with its pickup provider every time it does. Still, we've got great leadership coming from all sides in the community regarding recycling, which makes the process of raising awareness and getting the system moving much easier!

Keith in LA said...

To be honest, I need to start be recylcing myself. I have been super lazy
about it and it just shows how it easy it is for people to be lazy about
recycling. Its as easy as just getting a bin for it I guess. I have seen
conservative efforts at Universal Studios for recycling, but not at all for
other catering groups.

Jack in Denver said...

The Sierra club does a lot here since we are so close to Boulder Colorado too. Also, some of the supermarkets do a lot. In particular King Soopers who are owned by Kroger. 5 cents credit if you re-use your plastic bags. Some even have a seperate room to drop off your glass, aluminum and plastic. The Shriner's or someone like that have a lot of dumpsters around town for paper too. Otherwise most everything is commercial, but I heard there was a glut on certain plastics.
A lot of people forget that Habitat for Humanity takes a lot of construction related stuff too.
Bottom line is a lot of people are just to lazy to call Goodwill and just dump it in the trash. For example, I took a brand new microwave out of our dumpster the other day. The date stamp on the back was less than a year ago and it works fine!
We have a place call "Unwanted appliances hauled away" but I have heard they have lots of hided charges after you call them.

Anonymous said...

Keep Texas Beautiful

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles City recycling program

jack from denver said...

At work we recycle batteries, cardboard, paper, and some metal.
Aluminum cans too for money for engineer's week prizes.

We also have two recycling roundups each year, one during earth day week, for old computers, paints, lawn chemicals, what ever. We of course recycle properly dispose of our personal wastes from our lab and shops.

Jack from Denver