Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Make Sure Your Garden Furnitue is GREEN

Is you Garden Furniture Green?

This Article came from the National Wildlife Federation, Just wanted to share it.

Link to ScoreCard for Eco Friendly Outdoor Furniture


Nyatoh outdoor furniture is becoming popular as a replacement for dwindling teak

This Spring, Make Sure Your Garden Furniture is Truly Green
Furniture scorecard helps consumers find sustainable garden furniture
Published May 18, 2009

MONTPELIER, VT - As Americans begin gearing up for the warm summer months they will discover many garden furniture brands claiming to be “eco-friendly,” “green,” or “sustainably harvested.” Unfortunately, few of these products have been rigorously audited to verify such claims. To help consumers make informed choices when purchasing garden furniture, the National Wildlife Federation has released its third annual Garden Furniture Scorecard. The scorecard catalogs retailers selling Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified garden furniture—the most rigorous system for distinguishing wood products in the market.

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