Monday, November 10, 2008

Green Everett Renewable Living Fair 2008

It was a Fantastic Event.

Over 400 people attended. 75 were present for Mayor Ray Stephanson’s opening
remarks and Charlie Stephens’ Key note on “Peak Oil: What Communities can
do to Re-invent our Future.”

Mini-workshops included: “Show us your Green Cities!”; Green up your Home;
Phantom Energy Miser; Worm Bins; Green Transportation: How Community Transit and Trips by Bike can Reduce your Carbon Footprint.

Yes, we weathered one of the biggest storms of the season, and the season just
started. We had to move many of our outdoor vendors inside to keep them from
blowing away! We had a total of 51 vendors in attendance.

click here to view a short video photos were supplied by Eric Owl at

Fair Admission:
- 122 items of non-perishable food was collected and donated to the Everett
Gospel Mission Men’s Shelter.
- 22 cell phones were donated to the Domestic Violence Service of Snohomish
- 100 computers, 150 monitors, and 800 pounds of peripherals were collected by
- $300 was collected from donations at the door which will offset expenses
incurred to put on the Fair.

It was one GREAT BIG Sustainable Party as people continued to file into the
building to talk with the exhibitors and learn more about sustainable living
and renewable energy.

It was a ZERO Waste Event! There was practically NO waste thanks to Sno-Isle
Food Coop and Zippy's Java Lounge who planned the food and beverages. Most of
the paper, plates, cups, paper towels, and food scraps were compostable and
sent off to Cedar Grove Compost. Recycle containers were provided by Jack
Harris at the City of Everett. Wow... When we left the building, I found it
hard to believe over 400 people had been there.

The Solar and Green Building Tour summary has not been tabulated, but will be
available through Dena Peel from the PUD in the coming weeks.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered before and during the event.
A big thank you to John McAlpine for coordinating the RSVP volunteers.
Thank you to those of you who participated in the Panel Discussions.
Thank you to our Sponsors and Supporters who were key in making this event

Each one of us working together as a community is what made this possible.

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