Monday, June 02, 2008

Restaurants are Recycling Food Waste

Compost project is easy to digest
Restaurants find recycling food waste pays off

That unfinished bite of BLT from West 5 or paper coffee cup from Uptown Espresso could be headed to your backyard.

That's because about 30 restaurants in West Seattle are composting their food waste -- the chicken bones, leftover salad, greasy napkins and paper egg cartons -- rather than sending it to the landfill.

During a six-week pilot project this spring, 38 tons of food from participating restaurants, bars and cafes was composted instead of chucked in the trash.

"We showed people what a good green business can do," said Dave Montoure, co-owner of the bar and restaurant West 5, who helped lead the program.

Officials with the city of Seattle are urging businesses, schools and residents to compost food waste in an effort to boost recycling numbers and dramatically cut the amount of waste going to landfills

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Cedar Grove Composting is signing up about 70 new businesses a month for its services.

CleanScapes and Allied Waste also recycle food waste.

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