Saturday, December 29, 2007

Give Your HOME Pizazz

Eight ways to give your home pizazz


You've made it through the busy holiday season, but just as you start to unwind, New Year's resolutions are looming. Why not resolve to spiff up your home? With a nod to the environment, here are eight resolutions that you actually may enjoy carrying out!

Warm throws
Buy a new throw, like one of these chunky knit versions in multicolored wool, because you're keeping the heat way down this winter.$150 (special order), from Capers

Glamorous draperies

Window photo
Hang thick draperies across your windows to keep out the cold. These glamorous velvet window panels have a silk edging.Assorted colors and sizes, $39 to $59, from West Elm

Eco-friendly cleaning products
Treat yourself to an array of sweet-smelling, eco-friendly household cleaners. Mrs. Meyers comes in three unusual scents: lemon verbena, lavender and geranium.Dish soap, 16 ounces, $5.29, from Fred Meyer

Chic hangers
Order some fabulous hangers as an incentive to organize your closet and clear out and donate the clothes you no longer wear. I love the pink velvet!Set of 25 for $77 (free shipping), from The Great American Hanger Co.

Lightweight totes
Find a lightweight, packable tote, because you're saying "no" to both paper and plastic at the grocery store. These organic cotton string bags scrunch up to fit easily inside a purse, but are amazingly strong and will carry a big load $10 each, from Goods for the Planet

Stylish slippers

slippers photo
Keep dirt and toxins from entering your home by taking off your shoes and wearing slippers - sure to be the latest in home accessories next year. These unisex slippers, from Swedish designer Pia Wallen, are a stylish choice.Red or gray wool felt, $59, from Modern Seed

Exotic houseplants
Choose a houseplant like this perfect orchid to add natural beauty to any room in your home. These low-maintenance gems will last for weeks.Assorted sizes and varieties, $7.99-$12.99, from Trader Joe's

Cloth napkins
Cut your paper napkin habit and set the table with these cloth napkins made of chemical-free, linen-like hemp.$13 a pair, from Goods for the Planet

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