Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Are you Ready for the Turkey Day Challenge?

Thanksgiving-dinner glory is fewer than 100 miles away.

This year, try serving only food (condiments and spices excluded) produced within a 100-mi radius of your house - it'll tap your competitive spirit, and help save the planet while you prep for your feast.

The Benefits:Lower emissions.

An Iowa State University study found that people who switched to buying 10% of their produce from local sources produced 5-17 times less CO2 overall than if they'd bought nonlocal.

Community connections. Sociologists estimate that people who skip the supermarket in favor of farmers markets have about 10 times the number of conversations while shopping...that's 10 more chances to get lucky.

Supporting family farms. Most conventional foods travel an average of 1,500 mi before ending up on your plate. Buying in your own backyard saves a lotta energy.Triumphing in the face of adversity.

Amid supermarket aisles full of canned stuffing made in China, a 100-mi

Thanksgiving can take some creativity, but that makes it all the more satisfying...and tasty.

Personally Speaking
Show us whatcha got: Post your local Thanksgiving menus in the blog - the first 25 Biters to do so will win a copy of Paul Hawken's latest book, Blessed Unrest.

100 Mile Diet - read other peoples' stories, and learn how to get started.

Local Harvest - find local farms and farmers markets.

If 10,000 households spend their Thanksgiving meal dollars on local food, we'll invest about $381,000 into our own communities.

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