Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Break the Bottle Water Habit

This Month: Break the Bottled Water Habit
Switch to reusable water bottles / Buy a filter for your tap water if necessary

About the Carbon Conscious Consumer Campaign
Carbon Conscious Consumer (C3) is a national climate campaign sponsored by the Center for a New American Dream that challenges individuals to establish climate-friendly daily habits and inspire their friends to do the same. Participants who most creatively and effectively spread the word will win prizes.

New American Dream helps individuals and institutions consume responsibly for a better world. Climate change is a serious problem, but you can live well and have fun being part of the solution. Start lowering your carbon emissions today with six easy steps over the next six months with New American Dream – because big changes start with small steps.

Pledge to make a change and become a Carbon Conscious Consumer. There’s no better time to stand up to the challenge and live consciously for a safer planet!

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