Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Trip to the Transfer Station with our Trash

Is this Wood Trash?

Could Cedar Grove use this in their compost?

Could someone else use this wood?

Had these customer tried to give the wood aways at (Snohomish county has one)


We live in Snohomish County and have to take whatever we are unable to compost, recycle or give to organizations for reuse, to the trash/garbage transfer station. Our trip was made on Saturday the 14th.

I took my camera along with me to document what I would find in the large dumpster trailers that soon would be filled with not only trash but items that could be recycled, and reused.

Look closely what do you see in this picture that could be reused?

How about this photo? Can cardboard be recycled? There are recycle containers at the transfer station and at no charge....

How about this chair. I realize we cannot see the top side of the chair, but isn't there away to collect and reuse this type of furniture? Re-upholstery and slipcovering?

I see a lampshade, wicker baskets, what else?

This transfer station is a place where people pay to dump their trash or what they consider to be trash.

I do realize I should be happy they are bringing their stuff and not just leaving it along the country road, but how can we educate people?

Is there anyway to control this better?

Consider this...........

The transfers station is now open 7 days a week.

I was there for 5 minutes total and took these photos.

Can you just imagine what is thrown away 365 a year?

We seriously need to consider a Master Recycling program for our county...


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