Sunday, February 18, 2007

JUNK Mail Bill.... Act NOW

Nine states have proposed junk mail opt-out registries modeled after Do Not Call.
In the last week alone, Washington state senators held hearings in Olympia, Colorado's NBC, ABC, and CBS affiliates all covered a Do Not Mail press conference in Denver, and Washington, DC's NBC 4 aired an excellent piece on the growing effort.Will you email your state legislators in support of a Do Not Mail opt-out registry?

If you live in one of the nine states listed below, your state representatives are currently debating a recently proposed bill. Simply click on your state name and we'll take you to a message you can personalize and fire off. For other states, it still may not be too late for your legislator to introduce a bill this session, so please click the "all other states" link below.

States with pending legislation:

In appreciation,Julia, Rose, Seán, and Steve - New American Dream's Outreach team p.s.

Please pass this action alert on to friends.

You know we're counting on you to spread the word because we don't use junk mail to promote any of our campaigns!

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