Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Recycle Books and Magazines

Books and Magazines

Adopt A Library keeps books and magazines out of landfills by encouraging people to donate used books and library equipment to schools and libraries around the world. It does not ask for, or accept, donations. All donations go directly to libraries and schools, or organizations that aid them. To learn more, visit Adopt A Library.

BookEnds collects used children's books (infant - 18 years old) and distributes them to schools, youth centers, homeless shelters, juvenile detention faciilities and literacy programs in California. If there is no further need for more books in your community, you can mail them to BookEnds; 6520 Platt Avenue #331; West Hills, CA 91307 (

Books are special. If they weren't, we wouldn't feel so guilty about tossing them. Solution time is nigh. The group called "Book Crossing" is dedicated to the idea that books, once read, should be set free. If you join their group, you can document the release of your book and track it. It is registered by a number, and can be followed from owner to owner. Also, reviews and recommendations are posted all at no charge. Freed books can be left in waiting rooms, park benches, laundromats, in your work break room - anywhere you choose. Or, if you really don't care to track them, just release them into the wild independently. For more information, go to

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