Thursday, January 11, 2007

Materials Exchange Programs

Materials Exchange Programs

Technically known as an online materials exchange, 2good2toss is a convenient way to exchange small or large quantities of used or surplus building materials and large household items.

A couple to check out: NY Wa$teMatch, New York City -; and Hudson Valley Materials Exchange -

The Freecycle Network - Got a couch you don't need any more? Need an end-table, a planter, or a bicycle wheel? Check out The Freecycle Network ( is a non-profit inspired network of regional email listservs where people can post items they want to get rid of and find items they need. The only catch: everything must be free. If you don't have one in your area, why not start one? The Freecycle network is organized by "Downtown Don't Waste It," a nonprofit recycling organization in Tucson, Arizona, where the first Freecycle listserv was started in spring, 2003.

Throwplace ( - "Take What You Need and Throw What you Don't" is the theme of this site where surplus or outdated inventory and possessions can be listed for donation to charities and nonprofits or to businesses and individuals, for reuse, recycling and refurbishing. Everything listed is for give-away, not for sale.
Donations are listed in the site's three sections: (1) Charity, where only charities and nonprofits registered with the site can make requests for listings and are obliged to return receipts to donors; (2) Business, where individuals and businesses can "take" or "throw" donated items for reuse and recycling, such as computer equipment, cell phones, furniture and appliances; and (3) Up-For-Grabs, a category to list or find miscellaneous items such as bottle caps, corks, magazines, egg crates and unusual items for art projects.

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